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How to Register as a New Adult Volunteer in Sports Connect

  1. Go to your Region’s Sports Connect portal and click on Register Now.
    • Enter your own email address
    • Create a password
    • Click on Create Account
  2. Fill in the Account Holder 1: Primary Parent/Guardian Information as “yourself” then, click Continue
  3. Select the middle circle “I am a coach or other team personnel”
  4. Select the program that applies to the season and your volunteer role (these may appear different for your specific region) then, click View Available Positions.
  5. Scroll through to find your preferred division and volunteer position and click Sign Up then scroll down to bottom of page and click If you are volunteering for multiple divisions and positions, you can select them all now to complete at once.
  6. Your name should be selected by default since you are signing up yourself so, click Continue.
  7. Fill out all the required information on your volunteer application, then, check the ‘I accept’ box and click Continue.
  8. Review the information then click Submit signed volunteer application at bottom of page.
  9. Complete your Background Check

How to Register as a New Youth Volunteer in Sports Connect

To register a new Youth Volunteer requires an email address not previously used in Sports Connect; this is due to the SSO requirements which use email as the Username. Typically, if the Youth is also a player, they are registered as a participant under their parent's account linked to the parent's email address.

Using the Youth's email, create login credentials in the local Sports Connect registration portal, click Register Now. Follow steps 1-8 above to complete the registration process selecting the appropriate program from the available volunteer programs.

Youth volunteers will show a Blue Background Check Status until their 18th birthday, at which time they will receive an invitation from the background check provider to complete a background check.

How to Register as a Section or Area Volunteer in Sports Connect

Section or Area Volunteers or AYSO Instructors should register to volunteer in their Home Region or use the Region Locator to find the closest AYSO Region. We would request that you pay for your background check at the time of processing to avoid burdening the Region with this cost. Use the same username and password every time and the system will recognize you and provide your certification history and background check status; this will avoid creating duplicate accounts as well.

Access to Section and Area level administration functions in the Association Platform is not determined by where you apply to be a volunteer, but is set when you are added to the Section or Area boards.

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