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Though the AYSO Office provides many forms of insurance coverage to protect the Volunteers, Players and Families of each Region, Equipment Insurance and Business Personal Property are the responsibility of the Region.

Equipment Insurance

Equipment insurance is intended to cover the assets of the Region, examples include: field equipment (goals, nets, signage), maintenance equipment (lawn mowers, field survey and lining equipment), concession stand equipment, and storage containers/sheds.

Regions are responsible for the yearly premium which is calculated at a rate of $2.00/$100 of listed property with a $204 minimum. Deductibles are $500 per occurrence for claims excluding flood and earthquake. Conditions of coverage are detailed in the application and should be read carefully.

To apply for equipment coverage, download the application, complete, including a listing of the equipment and its REPLACEMENT cost, and return the application to You will receive an official quote and coverage will not be bound until payment is received by Player's Health. An invoice will follow shortly.

Download-icon-green.svg   Download Equipment Insurance Application

Business Personal Property Insurance

Business Personal Property Insurance (BPP) is intended to cover the contents of a rented/leased space and is often required by the landlord as a condition of the rental agreement. If your Region rents or leases office space you may want to consider covering the contents of the space with a BPP policy regardless of the lease requirement and as an alternate to Equipment Insurance. To get a quote for a BPP policy, please send an email request to with the address of your rented/leased space, a copy of the agreement, the square footage, and an estimate of the REPLACEMENT cost of the contents.

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