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Where to Start your Application

You can get started on the fingerprinting process here: You will find further information and a link to register for your Live Scan.

If you cannot locate it on the webpage, click here:

Application Fill-In Requirements

The ORI required on Live Scan forms for AYSO is AA498.

The Mail Code required is 05335.

A billing code is not required.

The agency authorized to receive criminal record information is CAYOAMERICAN YTH SOCCER.

The agency's address is 17900 S Vermont Ave, Torrance, CA, 90502.

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What is an ATI number?

This is an identifier that the fingerprinting provider gives you at the bottom of your Live Scan application. It contains a letter, 3 numbers, 3 letters, then 3 numbers. An example: A123BCD456

Can I go to a Live Scan location that is not listed on the website?

Yes, you are able to go to any Live Scan facility, but you will not be able to pay the price of $20-$25 that was negotiated with Please understand that this specific process has been negotiated specifically for AYSO with Applicants Services, so you will need to register via the link provided above to receive this cost discount and to ensure the information is sent to AYSO directly from the California Department of Justice. If you go to a location outside of the website, you will pay the full price and you need to make sure you use AYSO’s ORI/OCA Number to guarantee that the results get reported to AYSO. The ORI/OCA Number you need to use is AA498.

Can a Region, Area, or Section pay the fingerprinting fee for volunteers?

There are two options for the Region to pay for the event:

1. Host an event and get invoiced at the end ($20) for whoever gets fingerprinted. Hosted events – paid for by the Section, Area, or Region, have a separate URL that is distributed by the host. The volunteer will still need to register online for a specific time slot to prevent long lines at the Live Scan booth, but they will not pay.

2. Region can purchase coupons ($25) to distribute to volunteers and they can sign up and use the coupon on a separate prepaid portal URL that is distributed by the host. The volunteer will find a UPS near them to complete the Live Scan.

Send an email to [[1]] to start the process. Please note that the minimum is 100 applicants per day for a live event.

Will the Live Scan fingerprint check replace Sterling’s background check?

Live Scan fingerprinting will not be replacing Sterling’s background check.

With AYSO’s current L2 search, plus Locator Select, the pieces you would not get with a Live Scan search are as follows:

  • Enhanced Nationwide Search – Provides multi-jurisdictional information from multiple sources including county records, state department of corrections, sexual offender lists, and administrative office of courts.
  • DOJ Sex Offender Search – Includes the listing of registered sex offenders for all 50 States, except Nevada, which currently has an injunction in place.
  • Government Watch List Search (OFAC)
  • Locator Select – Accesses over 2,300+ booking and incarceration sites, covering 80% of the incarcerated population in the United States

The primary scope of Live Scan contains California-based data only, lacking any nationwide sources.

How long does it take for my fingerprinting compliance to show up on the Association platform?

The first batch of results will be available by the end of January. Then, starting at the end of January, the results will be uploaded on a weekly basis. Our hope is that by mid-March we will move to a daily upload of results. It takes up to two weeks for results to come back to the AYSO Office. If it has been more than two weeks and your eligibility is not updated, please send an email to [[2]] and Safe Haven team will be able to look for your record.

My transaction was rejected

In a small percentage of applicants, transactions may be rejected due to poor fingerprint quality. If you received a notice of rejection for this reason, please follow the procedures below:

1. Go back to our website

2. Click on Transaction History

3. Use your email to access the page (just like how you created the transaction)

4. Click on your transaction (if you don’t see it, change the date range)

5. Scroll down a little to the section that says “Available Options for”

6. Then click on the "Resubmit" link to initiate the resubmission process.

7. Select a new appointment date/time with the same Live Scan location (you use the same location)

8. Bring the QR Code and Payment ID.

9. Then go to the appointment to be re-fingerprinted.

Why can’t I activate my team in the Association Platform?

CA Mandated Fingerprinting is now a required certificate in the Association platform. In order to activate teams and print out official rosters, your team admins will need to complete the mandated fingerprinting if you live in the state of California.

If my volunteers are marked as completed, does that mean they were cleared by the California Department of Justice?

No. The volunteer marked as completed means that they went through the process of being fingerprinted. The AYSO Office will receive the results and if the volunteer record gets a hit from the DOJ, the Safe Haven team will change the risk status for the volunteer and send an email to the Regional Commissioner letting them know of the risk status change.

I am not a California Region, why do I see the CA Mandated Fingerprinting widget?

Unfortunately, Sports Connect does not allow us to have a different setting for Regions that are not in California. If your Region is in another state, the AB 506 law does not apply to your Region and you can disregard that widget.

How often do I have to be Fingerprinted?

Live Scan Fingerprinting is done only ONCE. Your AYSO Live Scan will be valid continuously unless there is a gap in volunteer service of five or more years. AYSO will continue to get monthly updates from the DOJ unless there is a gap in volunteer service of five or more years.

Why can’t I find the AYSO Event I am looking for?

If you are looking for an event like an EXPO, roadshow, or tournament that will have fingerprinting at the site and it is not listed as an event yet, please check back. The Sections and Areas are working on finalizing details of the event and they will be listed as the date for the event approaches. Please reach out to the event representative for more information.

Can I use the results from another organization?

Please note that s are not transferrable from another organization, so you need to perform this process for each applicable organization you volunteer with, but the good news is that this is a one-time requirement.

Is there a minimum number of applicants we need for a live event?

The minimum is 100 applicants per day for a live event.

Please send an email to [[3]] to start the process.

If I cannot find a facility near me using AYSO’s Fingerprinting Registration website, what do I do?

If you have a UPS location near you that is not listed on the website, please reach out to Capital support and send an email to [[4]] to see if they can add the location to the website.

Is the one-time Live Scan fingerprinting and background check in addition to the annual Sterling background check?

Yes, it is a one-time $20-$25 per volunteer in addition to the $25 VMP fee for the Sterling Volunteer background check.

How will the Regions see who is compliant with the ?

There will be a compliance widget added to the Association platform (e4) where you will see who is compliant and who is missing the . The volunteer will also see a status under their Admin ID in their Sports Connect account if they are registered in California. The widget should be available in the beginning weeks of January.

Why are we requiring fingerprinting?

All administrators, employees, and regular volunteers must have a one-time background check as approved by the California Department of Justice to exclude individuals with a history of child abuse. This form of background check requires Live Scan fingerprinting. (See DOJ website

How do I obtain a copy of my criminal history record?

For access to your records, you may contact the Associate Governmental Program Analyst at the DOJ's Keeper of Records at (916) 210-3310, by email at, or by mail at: Department of Justice Bureau of Criminal Information & Analysis Keeper of Records P.O. Box 903417 Sacramento, CA 94203-4170

If you need more information, please contact us at

Volunteers only need to have a DOJ check. Also, make sure to use your OCA which is your Section/Area/Region number.

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