Finding Players and Volunteers

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AYSO Association Platform - Lookup Players

From the dashboard visit the Players/Admin dropdown and choose Player Lookup.

AP lookup 01.png

Here you can use the many options to filter the player list. In the search box you may type the last name of a player and click search.

The player list will now show you any players with that last name. Click a player’s name to be taken to their player page.

AP Lookup 02.png

Here you will find all of the information that was entered during player registration.

AYSO Association Platform - Lookup Volunteers

Note: The Association Platform calls Volunteers Admins. In this platform they are one and the same.

From the dashboard visit the Players/Admin dropdown and choose Admin Lookup.

Use the filters and search box to find the volunteer you are looking for. Clicking their name will bring you to their Admin Page.

AP Lookup 03.png

You will see their verified certificates, click the Certificate Expiration & History link to view that information.

Scroll down to see any teams they are assigned to, as well as any other members of their family.

You will find their highest Coaching License Level, and highest Referee Grade.

Click License History, will show you all of their coaching and referee certificates.

Here is the volunteers current risk status.

Click View Risk Status History to see their full risk status history in a popup window.

AP Lookup 04.png