Extend Season Dates for Volunteer Registration Program

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Extend Season Dates for Volunteer Registration

1. To access your Sport Connect Administrator Account, you must log into your Regions Sports Connect account using your unique set of credentials as an Administrator.

2.  Hover over “Registration”, then select “Registration Form”.

3. On the next screen, click on the pencil over the program you wish to edit.

4. From the drop-down menu, select “Division Settings”.

5.  To open or close your Season Dates in bulk, go to Bulk Edit >> Season Dates, and select whether you want to edit the Start Dates or End Dates. You will be prompted to enter in the new season start/end date first.

** Note: Make sure you are updating the Season dates and not the registration dates. Registration dates opens/closes PLAYER registration. **

6. Once you have entered in that date, you will select which divisions you want to apply the change to. If this will be for all divisions, you can click on the Select All Eligible box.

7. Click Continue once you have made your selection, and you will be brought to the Update Summary. If you are good with the changes you have made, click on Apply and the changes will go into effect!

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