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EPIC Administrator

The EPIC Administrator need not have prior special training or experience with special needs athletes but should have a keen interest in making soccer available for all, and a desire to see that the EPIC program become a success in their community.

·       Acts as liaison to the Regional Board and community.​

·       Coordinates publicity and sponsorship solicitation.​

·       Recruits coaches, referees and buddies.​

·       Oversees the training of all EPIC volunteers.​

·       Coordinates with the Region on player registration, uniform ordering and field and game scheduling.​

·       Conducts meetings and/or makes presentations on behalf of the EPIC program where necessary.​

EPIC Coach

The EPIC Coach is intended to develop in players a positive image of themselves, their teammates, coaches, game officials and opponents. An EPIC Coach will also provide exemplary role model behavior for all players. Additionally, the EPIC Coach will develop in his/her players the appropriate soccer skills as recommended in the AYSO EPIC Coach Manual.​

A VIP Coach does not need any specific experience with disability athletes, but what they do need is:​

·       An easy-going, friendly demeanor​

·       The ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the word flexible​

·       An open mind and heart​

·       A desire to work with EPIC players ​

·       A willingness to learn and attend clinics and training​

·      A commitment to everyone having fun: players and helpers!​

EPIC Referee

The EPIC Referee is intended to manage soccer matches played between teams of EPIC players, according to the AYSO National Rules & Regulations, the FIFA Laws of the Game, and the training curriculum as specified in the AYSO EPIC Referee Manual. The referee is expected to cooperate with coaches and other match officials to develop a positive self-image in the players and to provide a good role model for all AYSO participants.​

Because EPIC coaches are allowed on the field with the players, they can often act as officiators, facilitating the flow of the game and assisting with restarts and other key game elements. ​

The best EPIC Referees are:​

·       More interested in keeping things safe, fair & fun for the players than they are in drawing attention to their mastery on the field.​

·      Able to let go of standard conventions and be able to defer to the coaches when making some calls (for example, knowing when to ask a player to perform a restart over).​

EPIC Buddy

The EPIC Buddy is a non-disability athlete intended to either guide the EPIC player on the field of play, or to be part of the player support system from the sideline.​

The best buddies are older elementary, middle school, high school or college students. There are several reasons why peers make good buddies:​

·       The players may respond better to peers.​

·       Peer buddies begin to form friendships with the players.​

·       Peer buddies learn and grow from performing a positive, affirming service. ​

·       The players learn to become comfortable with people outside their families. ​

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