EPIC: Gameday Guidelines

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Length of Games

The length of an EPIC game could vary depending on the age and stamina of the players. Many EPIC players just starting to play soccer will not be accustomed to sustained physical exercise, as this may be the first sport that they have participated in. Lungs and muscles tire easily. The good news is that the players do become better conditioned as time goes by, but they may still have short attention spans.​

A good rule of thumb is to start with four 5-to-10-minute quarters and see how that works. Many EPIC teams stay with this format; others may lengthen the quarters as players become more skillful and better conditioned.​

Everyone Plays, but..

The rule in AYSO is that every player must play at least half of every game, and that applies to EPIC players as well - willing and able EPIC players, that is. The experience may be too overwhelming for some beginner players, physically or otherwise, and they should be allowed to sit out whenever they need to. For some new players, they don’t begin to actively participate until many games have passed, but they should be encouraged and included to the extent of their comfort levels, and at some point, they will decide that the game looks like fun and join the rest of the team.​

Other Guidelines

·      Teams keep the same goal for the entire game. Changing directions might be confusing (although, try switching if your players are experienced).​

·       Coaches are allowed on the field at all times, but that is not a requirement.​

·       Keeping scores or standings is not recommended.​

·       The Offside Law does not apply (see EPIC Referee Manual for a complete listing of officiating guidelines).​

·       Wheelchair users must be accompanied by a buddy.  The buddy can ensure the player is propelled safely and watch out for other players running too close to the chair.​

·       It is strongly recommended that walkers, braces and crutches be padded.​

·       Allow helmets and other headgear that players routinely need to wear. If they can be padded in some way, so much the better.​

·       All EPIC volunteers should assist in monitoring players for signs of fatigue, stress, overheating, or other conditions that could compromise their safety.​