Looking Up an Admin

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Here is how to use the Admin Lookup tool on the Association Platform/E4:

  1. Go to the 'Players/Admins' tab, then click on 'Admin Lookup'.
Click on Admin Lookup.png

2. Use the 'Administrator Lookup' tool to filter your search to find the admin you are looking for. You can filter the search by name, admin ID, alternative admin ID, driver's license, email, phone, missing pictures, and USSF ID. However, the most common searches are by name, admin ID, and email.

Filter your search for the admin.png

3. After you click 'Search', a list of volunteers will populate. Click on the admin's name to be taken to the admin profile.

Click search and a list will populate.png

4. You have successfully looked up an admin.

Admin Profile.png
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