Secondary Account Holder Access to AYSOU

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There is a sequence of events that cause secondary account holders to have issues accessing their own account in AYSOU. We are working with our partners to find a solution to this issue.

In the interim, here are two ways you can prevent secondary account holders from having access issues with AYSOU, specifically accessing the primary user’s account:

The secondary account holder must accept the invitation sent by email from Sports Connect and create their own username and password

  • This will create separate accounts with separate accesses to AYSOU.
  • The username and password will be updated overnight*, and the secondary account holder will be able to access AYSOU the following day.

If the users are sharing a device to take the training in AYSOU, please make sure each user signs out of both AYSOU and Sports Connect before the next person attempts to access it, it is important that each user logs out and logs in for each session. The Single-Sign-On Session stays running in the backgrounds to prevent users having to login throughout the day. However, if User 1 does not log out of their session and User 2 comes in and tries to login with their own account, the system may give access to User 1’s account. Note at the top right of the screen in AYSOU who the system shows as logged in. If it is the wrong User:

  • Log out of Sports Connect
  • Log out of AYSOU
  • Close and open your browser and try again.

Note: If you users use a private or incognito browser window to access Sports Connect (and AYSOU) and close the window when they are done, that will also prevent users from mingling their data.

Lastly, please make sure users do not go directly to the AYSOU platform to try to login to their account. Due to the migration to Mobile First that login functionality is no longer available. The volunteer must login to the registration website, click on HOME and then click on the link to AYSOU, click login and enter the username and password from Sports Connect. Again, please note that users must wait overnight* for their username/password to update and be recognizable in AYSOU.

  • Please note that the usernames and passwords for the day are extracted by 1am and they are uploaded and created in AYSOU by 3am every day.