Reviewing Validated Birth Certificates

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Once a birth certificate has been uploaded, it can be validated in the Association Platform. Once validated, the image of the Birth Certificate supplied is deleted from the system to protect our Players’ personal information. 

A) To verify birth certificates (confirming name, gender & DOB match the registration):

1) In the Association Platform Dashboard, in the Compliance Window, find Birth Certificate, and if there are still some Incomplete, click the magnifying glass (view).

Dashboard Birth Certificate Compliance.png

2) Click INCOMPLETE to view only those that have not been verified. If they are not sorted, click Status to sort. Click a second time to bring "UPLOADED" to the top.

Player Birth Certificate window.png

3) Click the first nname and you will be taken to the PLayer page. Click the birth certificate thumbnail to view it, confirm the name, gender & DOB. If they match, close the birth certificate view and mark the "Birth Certificate Verified" check box. Click Save.

Birth Certificate verification window.png

4) Find the "Next Player>>" (or "<<Previous Player") at the top right to move to the next player.

Birth Certificate Next Player.png

B) To review which Birth Certificates have been validated, export the Player Credentials | Dynamic Certificate Data report in the Association Platform.

Reports>Registrations> Player Credentials | Dynamic Certificate Data

Reports Registrations Player Credentials Dynamic Certificate Data.png

To export results, select the report type [Excel] and export to sort and filter.

Player Dynamics Credential Report Results.png