Register as a Volunteer

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1. Log onto your Region’s Website. If you are still determining what Region you belong to, look at the Region Locator and click on Find AYSO Near You.

2. Select Register Now.

Register as a Volunteer .png

3. Enter your email address.

Register as A Volunteer.png

4. Create a Password and Confirm.

Register as a Volunteer.png

5. On the left-hand side, click on Volunteer and click on Find Volunteer Roles.

Register as a Volunteer.1.png

6. Select Register Myself.

Register as a Volunteer.2.png

7. Select the position that best describes you.

Register as a Volunteer.3.png

8. Select the program in which you are interested.

Register as a Volunteer.4.png

9. Select the Division and click on View Selected Opportunities.

Register as a Volunteer.5.png

10. Scroll over and Select Regional Volunteer and click on Select.

Register as a Volunteer.6.png

11. Click on your name and click on Continue.

Register as a Volunteer.7.png

12. Proceed with your application.

Register as a Volunteer.8.png

13. Once you have completed your application and logged into your account, you will see the AYSOU button.

Register as a Volunteer.9.png