National Player Fee Reimbursement Request Form

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National Player Fee Reimbursement Form

The AYSO National Player Fee is non-refundable and a non-transferable member fee. Membership in AYSO is required for each Membership Year (from 8/1 – 7/31) before a member may participate in any AYSO program or event.

This fee entitles the member to all benefits for that membership year, including:

·        Membership Player ID Card

·        Annual subscription to the PLAYSOCCER Magazine

·        Newsletters

·        Soccer Accident Insurance

The AYSO office will only refund the fee to a Region if a player was entered twice, and we have a duplicate payment. The AYSO Office will not refund a parent directly.

If you are a parent and are inquiring regarding a refund for the National Player Fee, please contact your Region directly. Refunds for the National Player Fee will be given at the discretion of the Region.

If you have a player that was paid for twice then please contact your local region directly to start the refund process.

Click here to find the form: NPF Reimbursement Form

The NPF Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted to [].

If you have any questions or concerns please email [1].