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Welcome to AYSO’s Marketing Guide.  Please use these tools to provide useful information on how to best build awareness and engagement in your community.  Whether your Region is new or old, below are tips and techniques you can implement as well as a list of resources that are available.


Use this website to customize AYSO collateral without needing design software.  The AYSO Supply Center is the training and administrative supply center and has a new address visit to place your order today for Playground kits, operational supplies, manuals, recognition pins and badges.

The new site requires an account and login. If you do not have an account, please click on the “I’m a New User” and fill out the information and your account will be activated within 24 hours.


Marketing is an on-going process that helps you identify how you can have a better impact on your audience. As you continue to market, you’ll eventually hone in on what works for your Region. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure that your Region consistently maintains a positive image to continually draw in participants by listening to feedback, delivering what your Region promises, providing excellent customer service, and remaining transparent. Remember, our mission to provide world-class soccer programs that enrich children’s lives and to HAVE FUN!

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Uniform Specs & Variance Requests

Volunteer Recruitment


Need to engage your local businesses for sponsorship opportunities?  Have questions about best practices for fundraising?  The links below contain tool and best practices for working with your local sponsors.

Fundraising and Sponsorship – Best Practices

Local Sponsorship Deck- PowerPoint Template

Sponsor Application Form Template

Memorandum of Understanding Template

Donation/Fundraising Ask Letter Template

Donation Thank You Letter Template


Style guides ensure that no matter where in the country community members experience the AYSO brand, it is consistent and easily recognizable.  This consistency helps build brand recognition and loyalty.

AYSO Core Style Guide

AYSO Playground Style Guide

AYSO United Style Guide

AYSO Adult Soccer Style Guide


AYSO’s Official Uniform Sponsors, August Sportswear and SOCCER.COM, are the preferred providers of uniforms.


Uniform Basics

Exhibit A
  1. Each AYSO jersey or game t-shirt will include the AYSO Traditional Logo that is a minimum of three (3) inches in diameter located on the upper left chest area of the jersey and otherwise shall conform to the markings on Exhibit “A.”
  2. The AYSO uniform, including goalkeepers’ jerseys, may bear a manufacturer’s name and/or logo. The manufacturer’s name and/or logo must not be displayed more prominently than the AYSO Traditional logo or be larger than 3 inches and it must not be placed on the upper left front of the jersey. In no event shall a manufacturer’s name and/or logo appear in the area designated for the AYSO Traditional logo. Except as provided in these Brand Specifications or as reflected in Exhibit “A”, no other markings may appear on the uniform without the prior approval of the AYSO Marketing Dept.
  3. No AYSO uniform may bear a team member’s name (i.e. Johnny Jones).
  4. No AYSO uniform may bear a team name, league name, or program name.
  5. No replica jerseys are allowed.
  6. The team member’s uniform number shall appear on the back of the jersey in a color or outline that contrasts with the jersey color, and (optionally) may be placed on the front of the uniform on the jersey and/or on the leg of the shorts.
  7. Jerseys must have sleeves.
  8. The AYSO Traditional logo must appear in a color that contrasts with the player’s primary uniform color. The AYSO Traditional logo must have a prominent appearance on the uniform.
  9. All AYSO logos must be used without modification. No person may use any of the AYSO trade names, trademarks or logos for any use other than AYSO-authorized activities without the prior written consent of the National Office. This includes having the AYSO Traditional logo stamped on soccer balls, soccer shoes or other equipment, or used in association with the products or services of any person.
  10. AYSO’s Official Uniform Sponsors will be the preferred provider of uniforms.
  11. These Brand Guidelines may be altered from time to time by the AYSO National Marketing Dept.

Logo Options

  1. An AYSO Region may include city/community/neighborhood markings on their right sleeve, short or socks.
  2. The AYSO uniform may bear an optional emblem representing Region, skills, local sponsor, Sportsmanship, tournament or event on the upper right sleeve or the lower front of the shorts. Such emblems shall be no more than three inches in diameter (or equivalent diagonal) and must be approved by the Marketing Dept.
  3. For the AYSO EXTRA program, an AYSO Region may choose to display the official AYSO EXTRA logo on the jersey left chest area, with the AYSO Traditional Logo on the left sleeve. Both logos will be no less than three (3) inches in diameter.

  1. No Region sponsor logo on any AYSO uniform may conflict with an AYSO National Sponsor.
  2. The AYSO National Board of Directors may designate that the AYSO uniform bear sponsors emblems in locations of its choosing. No Region or other logo will interfere with this sponsor emblem.

Alliance Branding

In addition to the AYSO Traditional logo, which should be placed on the left sleeve, approved AYSO ALLIANCE programs are required to use the AYSO ALLIANCE Crest on the left chest.

• Authorized ALLIANCE programs should apply their local relevant color scheme to the logo. Up to two colors are accommodated. The grey crest interior border should be the only color that remains intact. (Examples shown below.)

• The AYSO Office will be responsible for creating official repro art, using and color input from the local program.

• Please note, due to trademark laws, red, white and navy versions as per AYSO United will need to be approved by the AYSO Office.

Alliance Uniform Options

Link Alliance Uniform – Navy

Link Alliance Uniform – White

Link Alliance Uniform – Gold