Line-Up Cards

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Line-Up Cards

Coaches can download and print the team line-up cards. You don’t need a template cardstock anymore. It can be printed on regular paper or regular cardstock paper.

Please note that the Line Cards will only be available for teams that are posted. Admins with access can go to Teams – Manage Teams to post rosters for each finalized team.

Here is how the coaches can access the Line-up cards:

On the volunteer's my account screen, they can click on Visit Team Page for any roster that has been posted.


On the team page, they click on the Roster tab to then see the Print Team Line Up

Team Page Print Line up.png

This can also be accessed in Sports Connect by going to Teams – Manager Teams and clicking on Team Directory at the bottom of that screen.

Team Directory.png

You will then be able to access the team page to print line-up cards by clicking on Team Home button and following the instructions above.

Team Home.png

Here is how line up cards will appear and you will be able to print them.

Line Up Card.png

If you have any questions or issues accessing the Line up cards and the teams are posted please contact Sports Connect support team at 866-672-1067 or by email at [[1]]