Giving Volunteers and Board Members Access to their Region Portal and AYSO Platform

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  1. Volunteer board members register directly to their affiliated Region. This will be done through their Region's website.
  2. Volunteer board members register for a background check in the Region Portal.

    Note: If they are unaffiliated, they can register to AYSO National. Please note that if they register to AYSO National, the volunteer/board member will have to pay for the background check.
  3. Any board member or volunteer that needs to have access to the data in the region portal will need to be added under Common - Roles. Read Assign Security Roles to Users for assistance. Once added, these volunteers/board members will use the credentials they used to register to log in.

If the board member needs to have access to the AYSO Platform, then follow the below steps:

Giving AYSO Platform Access to Board Members

  1. Board Members will be added to the 'Security' tab in the AYSO Platform. Read Creating your AYSO Board in Association Platform and Granting Security Level Access.
  2. If the Board Member does not have login credentials, you have two options:
    • You can create the credentials for them while you are adding them and email them their credentials.

    • Provide the Board Member with the link to AYSO National and have them click on 'Forgot Password'. They will be sent an email to create their credentials. Please make sure that the email they use when using the password reset, is the same email they used when they registered for their background check. This is the email address tied to the record you added in the 'Security" tab.

3. Once the Board Member has credentials, they can begin linking the accounts together. This will allow the board member to go from the Regional Portal to AYSO National. This process is completed from the Regional Portal. Please read Linking Region and National Governing Body Accounts as AYSO for more information on linking the accounts.

If you have any issues, please contact Sports Connect support at or by phone at 866-672-1067.