Divvy Rewards

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Divvy Rewards points earned are based on spending and your billing cycle schedule. Consider rewards when selecting your billing cycle.

This means that for every dollar spent you earn one point. These points can then be accelerated if you’re spending in the following categories:


These accelerators only apply to the first $5,000 spent each month. Every point after that is accelerated at the ‘everything else’ rate.

To Accrue Divvy Rewards

  • Make sure your Rewards are turned on. Check your Company Dashboard

Rewards active.png

  • Use at least 30% of your credit line.
  • Pay your full balance no more than five days past it's due date to earn the previous month's rewards points.

*Friendly note: Foreign transactions don't earn points

To Redeem Divvy Rewards

  • Make sure that you've been using Divvy for at least one year.
  • Accrue at least 5,000 points or more.
  • Redeem for Statement credit, Cash back, Gift cards or Travel.

To turn on Cash Back Rewards, send an email to help@getdivvy.com and start accruing today!