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If you are in California, as you register new volunteers, be sure to get them fingerprinted.

Options include:

  • Volunteers can go to one of the affiliates using the registration link – the volunteer will pay for the fingerprinting

Link to Register Individual Volunteers

  • The Region/Area/Section can host a live event.  A credit card will need to be on file for the event and will be charged on the Monday following for all fingerprints processed.  Reporting will be provided for shared events so the host can collect from participating Regions/Areas. 

Contact: Mobile Onsite Events

Emilio Avalos


  • The Region can purchase pre-paid vouchers for the Volunteers to use when registering using the link above so the Region can pay for the fingerprinting.  To purchase pre-paid codes, contact:

Pre-Paid codes

Zach Rutledge