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The AYSO office can only add one user by default to each Region's invitation. Once you've received the initial invitation and finished creating your Region's account, the first user may add additional users.

We suggest the Treasurer and the RC be added add as admins so that both users can review bill details, pay bills and receive payment details to and from the AYSO Office. This will help reduce questions on payments received and balances owed to and from AYSO office and provide information at a better pace.

Too add/remove users

Read this article .

Then follow these steps

Settings > Roles & Permissions > Users > New

**Users marked as Administrator will need to verify banking details.

Change your email address or Change the Administrator

Please read this article to change the administrator.

It is not possible to simply change your email address. Instead you will need to add a new user with the new email address. Follow the steps above or see the article links below.

**If you update the primary contact/administrator on the account, please notify our office via email at so we can double check on our end that everything is sync'd. This will ensure the correct person is sent invoices and payment remittances. Thank you.