Activating Teams

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Video Walkthrough:

Association Platform - Team Activation

How to activate AYSO teams

First you must find the team you want to activate.

Team activation 01.png

Visit Teams, Team Lookup

Team activation 02.png

You may also click View All Teams

Team activation 03.png

Use the Team Lookup filters to find the teams you want to activate. By default all of your teams will be listed.

Click the Team ID/Name to go to the teams page.

Team activation 00.png

On the team page click the Ready for Activation tab.

Team activation 04.png

In this example, all of the team activation rules have been met and the team can be activated. Click the Activate Team to activate the team.

Team activation 05.png

In this example the team cannot be activated because one of the volunteers has not completed their SafeSport course.

Reasons a team cannot be activated

This is a non-complete list of reasons a team may not be able to be activated;

Team Admin/Volunteer is marked as incomplete for any item in the Compliance widget on the Association Platform dashboard; Risk Status, Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness, SafeSport, Fingerprinting.

A player that is already activated on another roster.

A team CAN be activated if a player is 'playing up' on that roster.

Additional Options for Activated Teams

On the Team Roster tab activated teams have more options.

•Print Official Photo Roster

•Print Official Photo Roster with Jersey Numbers

•Print Official Roster

•Print Official Roster with Jersey Numbers

•Print ID Cards