Access a PA Child Abuse History Clearance

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The state of Pennsylvania requires volunteers to register with the PA Abuse Registry every five years. If the volunteer has completed this clearance within the last five years, they can still access it from the PA online portal.

Go to the PA Online Portal to access the PA Child Abuse History Clearance. The link is


How do I tell whether I have completed the PA Abuse process in the last five years?

Log in to your Child Welfare Account and go to the "PA Child Abuse History Clearance Account" screen. Here you may view submitted and/or processed applications. All processed applications are available to view and print five years or 60 months from the date when the application was submitted to ChildLine.

How do I confirm whether I have an existing account through the PA Child Welfare Portal?

If you forgot your User ID, click the "Forgot User ID" link, and follow the steps to recover your User ID.

If you continue experiencing issues logging in to your account, please contact the CWIS Support Center at 1-877-343-0494.