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When building your reports, you will have the ability to customize and filter these according to your individual reporting needs. You can filter by date ranges, completion status, individual bundles, Leaner groups, and training groups.

All reports can be exported in Excel, CSV and PDF formats.

The below reports are our most common used reports and functions.


  1. Status Report: This report will show you the training status and progress for all Learners within a selected course.
  2. Training Groups: This feature allows you to group multiple training items together to help with reporting builds.
  3. Event Enrollment Report: This report outlines the events and the status the learner is enrolled into.
  4. Assessment Notes Report: This report outlines the notes advised when a learner is assessed through the assessing app.
  5. Training Event Summary Report: This report outlines the status of each event, assessors, and learners.

If any assistance is needed, please reach out to the etrainu Support Team at helpdesk@etrainu.com.